Autocloud - designated Claims Manger TO HELP YOU

Cloud Based &
Device Responsive

Built to make the sale process easier for all concerned

Autocloud, easy to operate

Below is a step by step process showcasing the procedure involved in vehicle management

AutoClout Step 1

Step 1

Add New Stock:
By clicking the New Stock button, you will be able to enter all vehicle details, attributes, description and the initial stage of the sale process.

AutoClout Step 2

Step 2

Photos & Videos:
You can upload all your images for the vehicle as well as a link to a You Tube video should you have one

AutoClout Step 3

Step 3

Real Time Communication:
Keep track of any stage that the vehicle is at, be it Appraisal, Reconditioning, Pre-yard, pending sale, sold or in the pool for staff usage.

AutoClout Step 4

Step 4

Purchase made:
Keep track of sale price, what trade in was made on the vehicle, any insurance policies and finances including purchases information to follow up with client to check if satisfied with purchase.

AutoClout Step 5

Step 5

Automatically update prospects of new available stock:
Should you not have a vehicle a purchaser is wanting at that stage, you can set prospective information for that client, sourcing a vehicle for them and letting them know when it arrives in stock.

AutoClout Step 2

Step 6

Keep track of any cost associated with the vehicle and works required, example could be wheel alignment, you can then track to see if the vehicle has been returned and ready to be placed on the yard.